As a rule, there are generally three separate vacation seasons in Puerto Vallarta, based primarily on the temperature and weather:

Value Season: May 1 - October 31 (100°F+, humidity 90%+, with highest chance of rain)
Peak Season: November 1 - April 30 (Beautiful weather, 85°F on average)
Holidays: December 19 - January 7 (Best weather of the year... Absolutely idyllic.)

Many villas in and around Puerto Vallarta will charge much higher rates (double peak season rates in many cases) for holiday bookings, because it is the most desirable and sought after time of year to visit PV. At Villa Cabana, we choose to consider the holidays part of our regular Peak Season and do not charge extra for holiday bookings (which means those dates are reserved very early!)

We urge you to compare Villa Cabana rates with other 5 to 10 suite villas in the area. You won't find any other accommodations of this quality at the rates we offer.

Click on the links below for printable rate cards by season.

Villa Cabana Value Season Rate Card

Villa Cabana Peak Season Rate Card